Duh! — UAW Boss Bob King admits Prop. 2 about Right to Work

PageLines- michigan-right-to-work-state2.pngIn Michigan, UAW Boss Bob King admits that the overwhelmingly voter rejected Big Labor sponsored “Proposition 2” was an attempt to modify the state constitution to prevent Right to Work freedom from ever coming to Michigan. From Jack Spencer at CAPCON:

So much for union claims that Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot wasn’t about right-to-work. United Auto Workers President Bob King says it was.

Michigan voters soundly rejected Proposal 2 in November, 58 percent to 42 percent. In December, Gov. Rick Snyder asked the legislature for right-to-work legislation. The legislature passed the bills and Snyder signed them into law.

As the right-to-work measures began moving, the unions bused protesters to the Capitol building. They screamed that right-to-work hadn’t been discussed enough. And when Proposal 2 was defeated, they claimed the proposal hadn’t been about right-to-work.

But King’s initial announcement of the proposal and his recent recap to theMetro Times of why the union pursued Proposal 2 exposes exactly the opposite.