Federal Court Maintains Nurse’s Right to Not Pay UNAP Union Dues

Court of Appeals UNAP Case
Credit: The Epoch Times

In September, Rhode Island nurse Jeannette Geary won a case against The United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP) union. This allowed nurses like Ms. Geary to not be forced to pay dues that go toward lobbying and union politics. UNAP simply couldn’t take no for an answer though, and soon after, filled an appeal. They too lost this court battle, thanks to Communications Workers of America v. Beck, which guarantees the right that workers shouldn’t be forced to pay political union dues.

In an article posted by Mark Tapscott from The Epoch Times, Mark Mix’s opinion on the topic is shared:

“The First Circuit’s unanimous ruling for Ms. Geary, followed by denial of rehearing, demonstrates the clarity of the Supreme Court’s standard in Beck, and shows how flagrantly UNAP officials disregarded her and her coworkers’ Beck rights well over a decade ago.”

Mix added, “While it is just plain wrong to force workers to shell out cash for union political expenses as a condition of keeping their jobs, federal labor law as a whole needs reform so no worker is forced to accept or pay for the ‘representation’ of union hierarchies they don’t want and never requested.”

Mark Tapscott, The Epoch Times

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