Federal Docs Reveal Longshoremen Goons “threatened to rape daughter”

With jobs dwindling in compulsory-unionism states, Big Labor goons are trying to takeover job sites by any means necessary including threatening children:

Judge Fines Longshore Union $250,000 After Members Attacked Guards, Damaged Property in Labor RevoltThe most shocking accusations are contained in Hooks’ case against International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 4 in Vancouver. After investigating charges filed by the company, Hooks alleged longshore picketers shone spotlights into vehicles entering and exiting United Grain’s terminal, blocking drivers’ vision and causing permanent eye injury to a security officer. Hooks alleged locked-out workers recklessly pursued company vans, threatened to harm Columbia River pilots and pinned a security officer’s leg under a moving vehicle. Hooks alleged that Local 4 members “threatened to rape the daughter of one of the employer’s managers,” and implied threats to harm a manager’s children by telling him they would “see his children at school” and asking, “are (his) children okay today?”

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