First Circuit Rejects Rehearing of UNAP v. NLRB Case in Support of NLRB

First Circuit UNAP v. NLRB

After the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) won a case against the United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP), granting Rhode Island nurses like Jeanette Geary the right to not have to pay political union fees, UNAP filed for an appeal. However, the First Circuit stood by their decision in support of Right to Work and declined to rehear the case.

Tim Ryan from Law360 reported on the news, sharing insights from Geary’s attorney, Glenn Taubman:

Glenn Taubman, an attorney with the National Right to Work Legal Foundation who represented Geary, said the denial is a welcome confirmation of the court’s previous decision and could be an optimistic sign for similar litigation in other courts.

“We’re happy that this court has again reaffirmed that there’s only one way to read the law, which is that these sorts of charges cannot be assessed against nonmembers,” Taubman told Law360.

Tim Ryan, Law360

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