Florida’s AG Stands Up for Workers

Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi is profiled for defending the Right to Work in the Sunshine State News:

Bondi signed off on a letter sent by Attorney General Alan Wilson of South Carolina to Solomon which maintained that the NLRB’s complain was without merit and demanded he withdraw it.

“This complaint represents an assault upon the constitutional right of free speech, and the ability of our states to create jobs and recruit industry,” the attorneys general wrote. “Your ill-conceived retaliatory action seeks to destroy our citizens’ right to work.

“Our states are struggling to emerge from one of the worst economic collapses since the Depression,” they continued. “Your complaint further impairs an economic recovery. Intrusion by the federal bureaucracy on behalf of unions will not create a single new job or put one unemployed person back to work.

“The only justification for the NRLB’s unprecedented retaliatory action is to aid union survival,” they concluded. “Your action seriously undermines our citizens’ right to work as well as their ability to compete globally. Therefore, as attorneys general, we will protect our citizens from union bullying and federal coercion. We thus call upon you to cease this attack on our right to work, our states’ economies and our jobs.”