Forced Unionism is NOT the ANSWER!

Tom Ryan, a Democrat Congressman from Ohio, has a secret plan to help the ailing U.S. auto industry — enact the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill and unionize Honda and Toyota whose plants are located in Right to Work states. That would “level the playing field.”

Of course, leveling the playing field in this instance means forcing more workers into union collectives, which will result in more forced union dues, which results in more political activity, which results in more legislative privilege, which results in . . . you get the picture.

Unfortunately, Ryan is not a lone voice of unreason. Dale Kildee (D-MI) is drinking from the same kool-aid jug. Referring to the Card Check Scam Bill, Kildee said the first step toward helping the monopoly union controlled U.S. auto industry is to make everyone else share their pain.