Harley-Davidson coming to Right to Work state near you

While nothing is set in stone, this TradingMarkets.com article highlights the attraction of Right to Work states for employment opportunities.  No doubt about it, if your state wants to attract jobs, then it should pass right to work laws.

Spokesman Bob Klein said by e-mail last week said the current economy was not the only economic consideration at work. The company is looking at long-term competitiveness.

Going south?

Boyd said that the trend for company relocation within the United States has been from the North to the South, where a big attraction is Right-to-Work laws in southern states.

Right-to-Work allows  companies more flexibility in handling labor issues than in non Right-to-Work states.

Right-to-Work refers to a worker being able to work at a company without necessarily joining a union when one is in place, which puts less power in the hands of unions.

One example is that a company can be more flexible in moving workers from one job to another.