Here are Some Right to Work Michigan Investments

The most recent investments in Right to Work Michigan are coming from Mara Technologies and Perdue Farms. Mara Technologies will soon be establishing US headquarters in this great state. Meanwhile, Perdue Farms is expanding its current facility in Shelby. Read on in order to learn more!

Mara Technologies:

Mara Technologies is investing $28 million in order to add US headquarters and 300 new jobs in Right to Work Grand Blanc Township, Michigan.

“The products we will be making will upgrade communications infrastructure and extend broadband communications to areas where it was previously unavailable. […] We are proud of the improvements we are making to the country and to our Michigan employees.” […]

“These business expansions will create 473 good-paying jobs and bring over $26 million of investment to Grand Blanc, Ypsilanti, and Monroe to help us keep growing our economy. […] By working together across the aisle, we have brought home record investments creating thousands of jobs in every region of our state. And we are building on our momentum, with over 135,000 jobs added to our economy year over year, low unemployment, and strong growth, especially in manufacturing.” […]

“Mara Technologies’ decision to open a location in Grand Blanc Township is an exciting development for Genesee County. […] Our region has a robust talent pipeline to meet the company’s needs, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth in our community.”


Perdue Farms:

Perdue Farms is investing $27 million in order to renovate its facility in Right to Work Shelby, Michigan. This will also create 99 new jobs!

“The central location of this facility in Michigan will help us drive efficiencies in our supply chain, improve freight costs, enable access to a strong local workforce, and allow for multiple phases of expansion within the property’s existing footprint. Importantly, the project grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will help support the creation of nearly 100 new jobs to the area, and we commend their efforts to incentivize agricultural and manufacturing expansion in the state.” […]

“We’re thrilled to have Perdue Farms join the community of Shelby. […] With our region’s abundant natural resources, diverse supply chain, skilled labor and regulation-friendly business environment, we are confident Perdue Farms will thrive here in West Michigan.”

“This is a great win for the Village of Shelby and Oceana County. […] We’re so happy that Perdue Farms has chosen to invest in our community. They’ll be providing quality jobs for our local residents, and we look forward to seeing their growth in our region.”


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