Here Are Some Right to Work Tennessee Business Expansions

Right to Work Tennessee is a great state for economic development, as evidenced by these expansions. Just some of the companies expanding here include Prisma Nashville and Tri-City Extrusions, as well as Columbiad. Read more below!

Prisma Nashville:

Prisma Nashville is investing $12 million in order to expand in Right to Work Nashville, Tennessee. This will also create 109 new jobs!

“Prisma chose Nashville specifically for our expansion in order to increase logistical capabilities across both coasts. We are thrilled to invest in this community and look forward to continued growth.” […]

“A significant portion of Tennessee’s job growth is the result of companies choosing to expand their operations in our state. Prisma’s expansion underscores the strength of Tennessee’s business climate, and we thank the company for its additional investment and job creation in Nashville.” […]

“TVA and Nashville Electric Service congratulate Prisma on its decision to expand operations and create new jobs in Davidson County. Helping to support companies, like Prisma, create job opportunities and investment in the region is fundamental to TVA’s and NES’ mission of service. We are proud to partner with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to help further that mission and celebrate this announcement together.”


Tri-City Extrusion:

Tri-City Extrusion is investing $30.8 million in order to expand in Right to Work Bristol, Tennessee. This will also create 51 new jobs!

“When we considered a major expansion, one of the primary components was location, location, location. Tri-City Extrusion searched the southern district of Virginia and the Tri-Cities area for the ideal site. We selected the Bristol Business Park, not only for the location, but because of the cooperation the City of Bristol, Bristol Essential Services, the Sullivan County and the State of Tennessee demonstrated during our search to bring more than 50 full time jobs to the area. This is a huge investment for TCE. We are gratified to have fantastic partners and employees to make this project a reality.” […]

“When a company like Tri-City Extrusion expands in Tennessee, it is not only a testament to our state’s ideal location and affordable cost of doing business, but also to the community the company calls home. Bristol and Sullivan County have taken the steps needed to allow this company to grow and expand, and we look forward to seeing TCE continue to flourish.”



Columbiad is investing $4.8 million in order to expand in Right to Work Henry County, Tennessee. This will also create 144 new jobs!

“The State of Tennessee’s investment in Columbiad’s growth and future has afforded us a great opportunity to provide jobs and quality manufacturing to the area. We thank them for their forward vision and commitment in our endeavors.” […]

“Tennessee’s geographic location, affordable cost of doing business and competitive wages make our state an ideal place for manufacturing companies to locate and grow. We appreciate Columbiad for its $4.8 million investment in Henry County and for its continued partnership with our state.”


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