Here are the Latest Right to Work Virginia Economic Developments

Three of the most recent investments in Right to Work Virginia are coming from Intact Technology, Richmond National Group, and Bonumose. Intact Technology and Bonumose are both planning expansions soon. Meanwhile, Richmond National Group is establishing its headquarters in – you guessed it – Richmond. Altogether, these businesses will create 174 new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

Intact Technology:

Intact Technology is investing $700,000 in order to expand in Right to Work Fairfax County, Virginia. This will create 40 new jobs for the area!

“Intact Technology is creating jobs of the future in a field that continues to gain momentum in Northern Virginia and across the Commonwealth, and this expansion will further the company’s in-demand IT capabilities. […] We congratulate the company on its impressive growth.” […]

“We’re delighted to see Intact Technology expanding so quickly after moving to Northern Virginia because its IT consulting focus is a great match for the tech-talent pipeline that we are attracting and growing here. […] We are proud of the second vote of confidence the company has made in our business climate.”


Richmond National Group:

Richmond National Group is establishing headquarters in Right to Work Henrico County, Virginia. This will create 70 new jobs!

“This project is a great success story of local industry experts committed to small business success in the region and the Commonwealth who identified a need and started an innovative company to address it. […] We are excited to partner with Richmond National Group and thank the company for its investment in the region.” […]

“Greater Richmond, including Henrico County, is a top location for specialty insurance companies. […] With more than 50,000 experienced workers in the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sector and a nationally recognized program at Virginia Commonwealth University, it’s no wonder why companies continue to invest here. We are proud to welcome Richmond National Group to this list.”



Bonumose Inc is investing $27.7 million in order to expand in Right to Work Albemarle County, Virginia. This will create 64 new jobs!

“Virginia businesses continue to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. We are proud that Bonumose has chosen to deepen its roots in Albemarle County. […] The company will return a shuttered facility to productive use and create 64 new jobs in Central Virginia, which is exciting news for the region. […]

“When a Virginia-based company like Bonumose invests to expand its operations, there are tangible benefits to the state’s economy, to the job market, and for the Port of Virginia. […] We have made significant infrastructure investments to ensure safe, reliable, and consistent cargo movement to help companies like Bonumose and the Virginia economy grow. We congratulate Bonumose on its expansion and look forward to serving as its international supply chain partner for years to come.”


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