How Does Right to Work Support Education and Learning?

In-Person Learning

In an article posted by Stan Greer in CNS, they address the concern of lowered access to in-person learning and education that COVID-19 has introduced. However, the issues are deeper than that and may be related to corrupt Union schemes.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Citing data from the respected Burbio website, CBS specified that Florida and Wyoming were already offering face-to-face teaching to nearly all students. More than 70% of all schoolchildren in four other states — Alabama, North Dakota, Texas, and Utah — were able to attend school full-time and in-person at their and their parents’ discretion.

All six of these states have one important thing in common: long-standing Right to Work laws that prohibit the firing of employees for refusal to pay dues or fees to an unwanted union.

Meanwhile, as CBS went on to report, there had been very little progress towards reopening in a number of other states.

Stan Greer, CNS

In fact, in most Forced-Unionism states, 75% of students don’t have in-person learning opportunities.

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