How Much will Companies Invest in Right to Work Tennessee?

Companies are always investing in Right to Work Tennessee. After all, the state offers incredible economic benefits that businesses can’t get in forced unionism states. Three of the most recent companies that are investing here are Shinhung Global, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and USAntibiotics. These will not only help further society with technological and medical advancements, but will also help build the economy. In fact, they will invest a total of $126 million altogether toward the state’s economy. So this is exciting news!

Read on to learn more about each of these great investments.

Shinhung Global:

Shinhung Global is expanding in Right to Work Clarksville, Tennessee as a result of a $10 million investment. This will also create 83 new jobs!

“Since establishing our company in Tennessee in 2018, there have been many experiences that helped us decide to invest and move forward in building our own warehouse. We are excited to expand in both the state and Clarksville, and we really appreciate the help that this state, the Clarksville Industrial Development Board, and LG Electronics have provided to us as we expand our business. We hope to continue to be a valuable partner to Tennessee and the U.S.” […]

“The transportation, logistics and distribution industry in Northern Middle Tennessee is booming. This year alone, companies have committed to create approximately 2,000 new jobs while investing $185 million in the region. Shinhung Global USA has been a great partner to Montgomery County and has contributed to the $545 million invested in Tennessee by Korean companies since 2016. We are proud to work alongside this company as it expands its international footprint in Clarksville.”


Thermo Fisher Scientific:

This company will create 1,400 new jobs in Right to Work Wilson County, Tennessee. This comes as a result of its $100 million investment.

“Thermo Fisher’s Nashville site will play a critical role in the company’s effort to support the global pharmaceutical industry’s work in developing life-saving biologics and vaccines to address many diseases. We look forward to being part of the community and enabling the local talent to build meaningful careers through the high-quality jobs that will be created at the site.” […]

“Tennessee has seen an influx of healthcare and life sciences companies choosing to do business in our state, and this new investment from Thermo Fisher Scientific brings a significant boost to this thriving sector. We welcome Thermo Fisher Scientific to Tennessee and thank them for creating over 1,000 new job opportunities in Lebanon.” 



USAntibiotics is investing $16 million in order to add establish a location in Right to Work Bristol, Tennessee. This will also create 63 new jobs!

“USAntibiotics is focused on what it does best, producing life-saving antibiotics and making them accessible to all Americans. We are proud to have our operations in the state of Tennessee and of the role we play in manufacturing high-quality, made in America products that support health and wellness and that reduce our dependence on vital medications produced outside our country.” […]

“We are proud to support USAntibiotics in its critical mission to manufacture two of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in the country. Tennessee offers companies around the globe a business-friendly climate and skilled workforce, and we are pleased to welcome USAntibiotics to the state as it sets up new operations in Sullivan County.”


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