Time Magazine suggested that Indiana’s enactment of Right to Work protections for workers is a big deal primarily because of it is the first state in the “Rust Belt” to seek to attract jobs and business through Right to Work laws.  We may be seeing evidence that they are right.

The Associated Press reports “Indiana’s move to become the Rust Belt’s first “right-to-work” state has intensified debate over the issue in neighboring Michigan.  Supporters of right-to-work laws say they’re more convinced than ever that Michigan should take a similar step in hopes of lessening union clout and attracting more jobs.”

Unfortunately for Michigan workers and taxpayers, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has decided to punt on the issue.  Other members of the Republican establishment including the Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville are unwilling to cross their union boss allies.  This is an effort that will take time.  But have no fear, in order to compete, Michigan will need to break big labor’s stranglehold on its economy with a Right to Work law.  As the Rolling Stones sung, “time is on our side.”

6 Responses to Indiana Law Turns Heat on Michigan

  1. paying dues says:

    The shame of it all,Is that we haft to fight for right to work to start with.

  2. Janet says:

    Michigan Needs to be a Right to work State , The unions do nothing for you anymore and are out dated , This was fine in the 50 & 60 .Now they are just sucking the blood out of are State. They Need to go.

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh my gosh, are you people serious? Pamela? Do you have any idea what you are saying? No. You don’t. In fact I contemplate that your head and your hind end are utterly and without detriment to your current intelligence, interchangable. Unions, and further US Treasury bonds are two of the MAJOR triggers of inflation. Unions force small businesses to go under, the force profitable companies with thousands of jobs overseas. They physically, brutally (black and white read about it) attack their own union members for voting for a conservative (curious as to how they found out about those instances…which is a violation of our rights of privacy)…what’s worse is that they’re hand is so far up some politicians rear end that they GET AWAY WITH IT! The reason our city planning and our transportation situation is so far behind the REST OF THE WORLD, is because of unions. They don’t want well planned cities, they don’t want bullet trains, or practical public transportation that competes with the rest of the world…how then could they pay their stop sign holder twenty five dollars an hour to stand there with it…on a highway that’s taking ten years to finish when a private contractor could finish inside of two? I could list the myriad reasons to force a vote on the RIght to Work act in congress (Which 80% percent of Americans support) and all are FACT! There’s no propaganda. The only propaganda comes from the unions who at one time served a vital role in the workplace. Unfortunately they are no long interested in protecting the worker…just lining their pockets at the worker’s expense.

  4. Michael McOsker says:

    Who are the real, working class and non-proprietor Michiganders and Indianans who will actually go on record as favoring the weakening of their class by the passage of laws aimed at weakening unions? There aren’t any. This organization and all others like it are pure “astroturf”. A business lobby and nothing else.

  5. Bob says:

    right to work is good for all, it take the union boss out of the problem we haveing, the union boss is just takeing money from your hard earn money a person make and they will hurt u if u do not give them the money.. they really do not care for the people.. so join the right to work organzation…

  6. pamela says:

    You mean if i don’t live there i don’t have the right to work? This is making laws to justify being in office. Go home. I already have the right to work; and i do. a lot!

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