'It's a Forced Tax on Those Who Choose to Teach'

For years, Maryland state law has empowered government union bosses to seek and obtain the power to force teachers and other K-12 public school employees to fork over union dues or fees, or be fired.  But top officials of the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA/NEA) teacher union are angry because 14 of the state’s 24 school districts have so far refused to cave into Big Labor pressure to acquiesce to corralling educators into a union they didn’t ask for, and don’t want.  That’s why this winter MSEA union lobbyists are pushing for enactment of a new state law stripping school boards of any power to resist forced dues.  If this scheme passes the Legislature and is signed by Big Labor Gov. Martin O’Malley, mandatory “agency” fees will be foisted statewide on K-12 employees who would never voluntarily join a union (see the link below for more information):

The idea doesn’t sit well with some Republican legislators. Sen. David Brinkley, a Republican who represents Frederick and Carroll counties, said it will mean the unions don’t have to earn their business like other professional organizations. 

“It’s a forced tax on those who choose to teach,” Brinkley said.  

Union Seeks To Make All Md. Teachers Pay Union Fees