Its an Economic Boom in Right to Work Virginia

While Michigan and Obama’s Home state, Illinois, live up to a rusting belt reputation; Virginia, among other Right to Work states, is leading the way to an economic revival. From Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell:

Dear Friend,

Over the last week there has been a flood of good news coming out of Virginia.

  • On March 12th came word that New corporate facilities and expansions in Virginia increased by 44% in 2011
  • On March 13th we learned that the state unemployment rate has fallen to 5.8%, the lowest rate in 3 years, and agricultural exports hit a record high in 2011 of $2.35 billion. Up 6% from 2010
  • On March 14th it was announced that state revenues jumped up by 17.2% for the month of February

And just today named Virginia the top state in America in which to earn a living.Virginia moved up from fourth place in last year’s rankings.

Unemployment down. Job-creation, exports, corporate expansions, and quality of life up. That’s the result of a bipartisan commitment to getting results for Virginia.

Please pass on this great news to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. The positive announcements of the last 8 days demonstrate that, together, we are building a true “Commonwealth of Opportunity” for all Virginians.


Bob McDonnell
Governor of Virginia



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