Job Move From Forced-Unionism California to Right to Work Texas Brings a ‘Big Increase in Take-Home Pay’

Rex Sinquefield is an American success story, now devoting his life to ensuring others can take advantage of economic opportunities just as he did.  After growing up in the Saint Vincent Orphanage in St. Louis, Sinquefield went on to receive an MBA from the University of Chicago and then to become a highly successful financial entrepreneur.  In 1981, he cofounded with David Booth Dimensional Financial Advisors (DFA).

Sinquefeld is now retired from business and focus largely on civic and charitable activities, but he still follows DFA’s progress with great interest.  In a just-published commentary for Forbes, he points out that the firm he helped launch in forced-unionism California more than three decades ago “now can be counted as one of the many companies that has moved its headquarters” from the formerly Golden State.  DFA is based today in Austin, the capital of Right to Work Texas.

In his commentary, Sinquefeld lauds the “pro-business climate” of Texas and other “pro-growth states around the country.”  Though he doesn’t mention Right to Work laws specifically, they are obviously an important part of the reason why states like Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming are so much more attractive economically than forced-unionism California, Illinois, and New York.  And, as Sinquefeld notes, the relatively low living costs and taxes Right to Work states like Texas offer have  a powerful appeal for employees, perhaps even more than for employers:

DFA employees now enjoy a big increase in take-home pay and are generously contributing their hard-earned dollars to Austin’s local economy. Similar stories are being told in numerous pro-growth states around the country.

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