Majority of Highest Vehicle-Export States are Right to Work

One of the most important and prominent industries of the American economy is vehicle manufacturing and exporting. In fact, according to sources from Gwinnett Daily Post, vehicles rank #4 in top US exportations, bringing in a whopping $105.2 billion to our economy. And unsurprisingly, the majority of states that export the most vehicles and bring in the most capital are Right to Work states.

In fact, South Carolina is the top state for vehicle exportation, followed close behind by Michigan.

In 2020 alone, South Carolina’s vehicle exports brought in over $9 billion to the economy. This made up nearly 32% of all of South Carolina’s exports. But that’s not all this industry has created. In addition, South Carolina’s vehicle export economy provides over 72,000 job opportunities. That’s enough jobs to employ over half of Charleston!

Coming in second place is Michigan, which brought in nearly $8 billion in 2020, thanks to vehicle exports. This made up a little over 17% of all of Michigan’s exports that year. And while South Carolina is still ahead when it comes to exportation, Michigan still remains the top vehicle manufacturer in the US.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that the top two, as well as the majority of vehicle-exporting states, are Right to Work. And it makes sense as to why. After all, Right to Work states provide an environment that encourages business growth and job creation.

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