Mark Mix: How Union Bosses Lie to Pass The PRO-Act

National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix

National Right to Work Foundation and Committee President Mark Mix recently wrote an article in NewsMax, addressing the issues of how Union Bosses manipulate the system in order to push the PRO-Act Forward. And president Biden is 100% behind the union bosses. Some of the ways that union bosses are continually trying to force their hand are by coercing the use of “card checks” instead of actual union votes, enacting what they call “representation” on workers, and forcing dues on everyone they can. And the PRO-Act would allow these union bosses to have their way.

Here’s a snippet from the article showing Mark Mix’s opinion of the PRO-Act:

Union bosses claim to know better about what’s in workers’ interests than the workers themselves. That’s why, rather than convince workers to willingly become a member and voluntarily pay dues, they repeatedly turn to the government to force workers to do what they won’t do without compulsion.

The so-called PRO-Act doubles down on the coercion. It would eliminate Right to Work laws, forcing millions of workers to pay union dues as a condition of employment, allow coercive “card check” unionization so union bosses can gain power without a secret ballot election, and further restrict workers’ ability to remove an unwanted union.

Mark Mix in NewsMax

You can read the full article here.

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