Michigan Strategic Fund and Ford to Add New RTW Michigan Locations

Michigan Strategic Fund and Ford are both adding new Right to Work Michigan locations which will help further the economy. This all comes as a result of Right to Work laws that benefit companies as well as workers. Read on so you can find out more about each of these investments.

Michigan Strategic Fund:

Michigan Strategic Fund is investing $11.3 million toward two locations in Right to Work Michigan. These locations include Flint and Adrian. They will also create 192 new jobs!

“We are very proud of our nearly 100 years of doing business and creating jobs in Michigan and excited about the opportunity to further expand our footprint and workforce in Flint. […] It’s promising to see the State of Michigan support projects like ours and businesses that are investing and growing in Flint and Genesee County.”



Ford is investing $185 million toward a new global battery center in Right to Work Michigan. The location has not yet been disclosed.

“We’re already scaling production of all-electric vehicles around the world as more customers experience and crave the fun-to-drive benefits of electric vehicles with zero emissions. […] Investing in more battery R&D ultimately will help us speed the process to deliver more, even better, lower cost EVs for customers over time.” […]

“We are creating new tools and solutions we need for a carbon-free, affordable and better future,. […] We are modernizing Ford’s battery development and manufacturing capabilities so we can better control costs and production variables in-house and scale production around the world with speed and quality.”


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