MO Democrats sponsor ‘dangers’ of right to work; yeah, to their fundraising

rtw INdiana Job GrowthWithout forced-dues, Democrats know their Big Labor-filled political slush funds will dry up.  To emphasize the point, Missouri Democrats and Big Labor are teaming up to provide a false narrative about right to work and its individual freedoms. From Susan Redden of the Joplin Globe:

Speakers at a Saturday breakfast sponsored by Southwest Missouri Democrats will outline what they say are the “dangers of right-to-work” legislation being pushed in the Missouri General Assembly.

A number of right to work bills have been introduced this session of the Missouri General Assembly by members of a Republican majority that is veto-proof in both chambers. A measure aimed at making Missouri the nation’s 25th right-to-work state was the subject of heated debate last week before the House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee.

Speakers at the event will be Jim Kabell, of the Teamster’s Union; Archie Robbins, of Allied Industrial Workers; and Stacey Salmon, of Laborers International Union of North America.