Mob Bust – Union Bosses Implicated (Nothing New to See Here)

The New York Daily News reports that organized crime has its hands all over organized labor in New York City.  

The words of former  Arkansas Senator John McClellan, spoken on the Senate floor October 7, 1965 when defending section 14(b) of the Taft Hartley Act which allows states to pass Right to Work Laws, echo back today:  “compulsory unionism and corruption go hand in hand.”

Hon. John L. McClellan (U.S. Senator – Arkansas, 10/7/1965):

I can tell the Senate without hesitation that there is still much corruption in some labor unions today and, moreover, that compulsory unionism and corruption go hand in hand.

To maintain their tyrannical control over various unions, this unscrupulous element frequently resorted to brutal physical violence and threats of violence against union members and even their families. Bombed businesses and dynamited homes were the hallmark of the ruthless who sought to establish a reign of terror over the rank-and-file members, and to silence anyone who otherwise might have dared to raise his voice in protest.

The only legal obstacles which are encountered today by such corrupt unions and their evil leaders are those State laws which prohibit the imposition of compulsory membership in a labor union as a condition of employment, and those laws would be nullified by the repeal of Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act.

The Arkansas Right to Work Law, like the laws in sister States having similar laws, makes the worker a free man — free to join a union if he desires, and free not to join or support a union if he is so inclined.  The choice is his, and his alone.  Take away the right of choice … and you take away his freedom.  For when choice is denied then so, too, is freedom.