Monopoly Power Corruption: UAW Union Bosses Sold Out Workers

Monica Morgan’s Facebook page is loaded with photos of her with celebrities and politicians, such as Hillary Clinton (AUTOMOTIVE NEWS)

Automotive News reports on scheme that skimmed millions from a UAW a slush-fund to UAW VP and other union officials.  The slush-fund is commonly known as the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center.  From the Automotive News:

The glamorous public life of Monica Morgan by Jackie Charniga

Monica Morgan’s high-profile lifestyle is under the microscope as her name surfaced in an indictment as a perpetrator of a multimillion dollar embezzlement scandal involving the UAW and FCA.

The public life of international photojournalist Monica Morgan is unquestionably glamorous.

Over the course of her more than 30-year career, Morgan has photographed — and been photographed with — countless celebrities. A published columnist and entrepreneur, Morgan has traveled around the globe, flying first class in designer clothing.

Morgan’s high-profile lifestyle is now under the microscope as her name surfaced in an indictment last week alongside that of her late husband, former UAW Vice President General Holiefield — as perpetrators of a multimillion dollar embezzlement scandal.

With Alphons Iacobelli, Fiat Chrysler’s former labor-relations chief, Morgan and Holiefield are accused of criminally violating the National Labor Relations Act over an alleged scheme to pilfer over $1.2 million from the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center in Detroit and steer the money to Holiefield, Morgan and other high-ranking members of the union. Iacobelli, who is to be arraigned Tuesday, is suspected of pocketing $1 million. As many as eight more people could be named as parties to the embezzlement plot.

Morgan on Monday had a not guilty plea entered on her behalf and was released on a $10,000 bond Monday following her arraignment in U.S. District Court in Detroit on Monday. She also relinquished her passport.

Monica Morgan Photography, Wilson’s Diversified Products and a third company — were used to conceal payments made by Iacobelli, the federal indictment said. The income for those business, the indictment said, were not reported on her individual tax returns. [Visit the Automotive News for more]