New Businesses are Calling Right to Work Kentucky Home

Companies are choosing to investment in the state of Kentucky due to its great Right to Work benefits. Some of the most recent investments are coming from HHO Carbon Clean Systems and Funai Lexington, as well as Mayfield Consumer Products and New Riff Distilling.

Read on in order to learn more about each company’s plans!

HHO Carbon Clean Systems:

HHO Carbon Clean Systems is investing $6.65 million toward a new location in Right to Work McCracken County, Kentucky, creating 35 new jobs.

“We see ourselves as the leading on-demand hydrogen solutions company in the country, not only tackling the challenges of automotive maintenance and repair, but also offering effective solutions where fuel costs have simply become untenable. […] HHO’s products and services offer increased fuel mileage, cost savings on replacement and repair, decreased emissions and safe alternatives to compressed combustibles. We are excited to continue our growth while offering opportunities to Western Kentucky.” […]

“I want to welcome HHO Carbon Clean Systems to the commonwealth as this young but rapidly growing company creates dozens of new jobs for residents in Paducah and the surrounding region. […] This is an innovative company focused on sustainable practices, and its leaders clearly have a great vision for the future. I can’t wait to see HHO succeed in Kentucky.” […]

“Environmental sustainability, managing energy costs and speed to market are key drivers for today’s consumers. […] HHO Carbon Clean Systems’ decision to locate in our community checks all of those boxes. It’s a win not only for the company, but also for our community, HHO’s customers and our environment.”


Funai Lexington:

Funai Lexington is investing $3.8 million in order to expand in Right to Work Lexington, Kentucky. This will also create 6 new jobs.

“This investment in Funai Lexington’s MEMS processing capability and the expansion of our workforce is absolutely critical, not only to maintain the success of our products currently in the market, but also to enable rapid development of new products as we adapt our unique microfluidic technology to new applications.” […]

“Expanding the technology sector throughout the state is going to better position Kentucky for a dynamic economy and workforce in the future. […] We have the resources, the location and the companies to make the commonwealth a major player in today’s economy, and that momentum is only growing. I want to thank Funai Lexington Technology Corp.’s leadership for their continued commitment to Kentucky and I am thrilled to see their future success in Lexington.” […]

“The Commerce Lexington economic development team enjoyed working with Funai in 2013 to help find a home for their R&D facility in Lexington, and it’s been wonderful to see the transformation of the company since that time. […] Today, Funai Lexington Technology Corp. has grown to 47 full-time employees with plans to increase that number over the next year.”


Mayfield Consumer Products:

Mayfield Consumer Products is investing $33.3 million in order to open in Right to Work Graves County, Kentucky, creating 500 new jobs.

“We dearly love this community and its citizens,. […] MCP’s resolve to rebuild here and to play a central role in helping to restore the place we call home has been a top priority since the morning of Dec. 11, 2021. This community has a bright future, and we are committed to being a big part of that progress.” […]

“Following last year’s devastating storm in Western Kentucky, we are glad to see jobs returning to the area. […] This reinvestment by Mayfield Consumer Products is good news for Graves County and the surrounding region as they work to rebuild and recover from the deadliest tornadoes in our state’s history.” […]

“Mayfield Consumer Products is just one model of enterprising spirit that thrives in our community and we are all grateful for their ability and desire to continue to be such a strong community-oriented business. […] We look forward to the future of this company and the opportunity to help them continue to grow.”


New Riff Distilling:

New Riff Distilling is investing $10 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Campbell County, Kentucky.

“We appreciate the support of state and local leadership for New Riff Distilling and the bourbon industry statewide. […] We are proud of the products we make and the people who make them and look forward to continuing to not just make great whiskey and gin, but to support our community through our success.” […]

“I am happy to see yet another distillery grow its presence in the commonwealth as New Riff Distilling continues to build its footprint in Northern Kentucky. […] This is a rapidly growing company that highlights the strength of Kentucky’s bourbon sector, and I look forward to seeing what they achieve next. Congratulations to the leaders at New Riff and to everyone in Campbell County and the surrounding region who is benefitting from the company’s success.”


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