New Businesses Join Right to Work Virginia and Create Economic Growth

Two companies recently announced that they have plans to soon invest in Virginia. One is Revalation Vineyards, which will help attract more tourists to the area, ultimately boosting the state’s tourist economy. The other company is Ison Furniture, which plans to open a new manufacturing plant and also create 150 new jobs. Combined, these companies are investing a total of $5.8 million. So both of these companies will serve a great benefit for Virginia’s economy and growth.

Read on to see what people are saying about these exciting new changes!

Revalation Vineyards:

“This expansion is a great win for Virginia’s flourishing wine industry[. It] further highlights the vital connections between viticulture and agritourism. […] We thank Revalation Vineyards for investing in Madison County, for helping ensure our Commonwealth remains a premier destination for high quality wine, and for continuing to inspire future winemakers.”


Ison Furniture:

“Ison Furniture’s decision to establish its newest furniture production operation in Pittsylvania County is great news for Southern Virginia [. I]t demonstrates the infrastructure and workforce advantages that continue to attract high-quality manufacturers. […] We thank Ison and supplier Dogwood Global for creating valuable job opportunities.”


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