New Web Site Facilitates NRTW Member Action

Right to Work Activists Will Now Be Able to Do More, Faster

(Source: April 2010 NRTWC Newsletter)

A new weapon in the war against forced unionism was introduced early last month, as National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix made the Committee’s new web site available to Internet users around the world.

The Committee web site — still accessible at — now features a new Legislative Action Center (LAC).

Committee members and supporters are already using the LAC not just to track federal and state Right to Work-related legislation, but also to contact state and federal legislators through the site and contact their local media and send letters to the editor and other comments.

Right to Work activists are also using the LAC to get locations and times for town hall meetings with their elected officials.

Complete Information Can Make Right to Work Members Even More Effective

“The LAC is a valuable tool for promotion of the freedom of choice for the individual working man and woman,” explained Mr. Mix.

“Until now, the Committee web site has helped build public awareness about the Right to Work issue, and specifically about the damage wrought by federal and state laws that authorize and promote union monopoly bargaining and forced union dues.

“The Committee is now launching the LAC to enable Right to Work supporters to do more, faster when they engage in grass-roots lobbying against forced-unionism laws and legislation.”

The LAC allows Right to Work supporters to secure contact information for their state and federal elected officials, view their committee assignments, and write to them in support of or opposition to pending legislation, while remaining on the site all the while.

The Committee’s new web site also has enhanced video and blog features, and now offers current issues of the Committee Newsletter in a computer screen reader-friendly format as well as in PDF format.

Additionally, Right to Work supporters may now use the LAC to sign up to receive e-mail updates on fast-breaking news as well as action alerts concerning state and congressional legislation.

“Keeping our members more completely up-to-date and informed,” said Mr. Mix, “will help us generate even more intense pressure on individual politicians when the need arises.

“For years the Committee’s two-Virginia Beach-based phone banks have had the capacity to turn a congressman’s office upside down in 10 to 15 minutes.

“But the LAC is a very useful additional tool, especially for those times when politicians’ phone systems are overloaded.

“Furthermore, while they are writing their messages to their elected officials, the LAC allows Right to Work supporters to have at their fingertips access to detailed information about the legislation they are discussing. Supporters can even easily retrieve the actual text of the legislation.”

‘This Tool Couldn’t Have Been Made Available at A More Opportune Time’

Mr. Mix added that it is providential that the Committee has been able to add the LAC to its web site during a congressional session when the Right to Work is coming under the most ferocious and sustained federal legislative attack it has experienced in decades.

“Since early 2009, Right to Work members have been fighting hard to block so-called ‘card check’ legislation, federally-mandated union monopoly bargaining over state and local public-safety employees, and the appointment of radical union lawyers to the powerful National Labor Relations Board,” he recalled.

“And those are just some of the high-profile battles.

“With new attacks coming down the legislative pipeline all the time, it’s providential that the Committee and its 2.5 million members now have at their disposal the LAC, which allows Right to Work supporters to learn about forced-unionism power grabs and act on what they learn more rapidly than ever before.

“This tool couldn’t have been made available at a more opportune time.”