No Wonder the New York Times is Going Broke

The New York Times is a company that is hurting financially. Revenue is down. In economic parlance — they are “downsizing” to meet fiscal obligations. There are thoughts that the paper will need to declare bankruptcy to stave off creditors. So does anyone really want to take economic advice from someone whose policies have driven the company to the brink of financial ruin?

Yet, there goes the Times, in an op/ed, forcefully demanding passage of the Card Check Scam Bill. Claiming that any increase in unionism — forced or otherwise — is good economics, the paper calls the Card Check Scam Bill “vital legislation.” We all know the bill is “vital” for the union bosses — it’s the workers who don’t want to be coerced into a union.

We now know that in addition to nearly financially bankrupt, when it comes to forced unionism, the New York Times is morally bankrupt, as well.