Obama Demands Union Only Jobs Bill

President Obama speech to Congress was sold as a “job speech” but when you look at the details of his proposal it is clear this isn’t a jobs package as much as a “payoff package” designed to protect his Big Labor flank.

With AFL-CIO boss sitting in the audience as a special guest of the president, Obama proposed his third teacher union bailout; his second major stimulus package — the bulk of which will help big labor maintain and likely expand its forced unionism power over American workers.

Kyle Olsen breaks down the provisions in the teacher union bailout.  He calculates that about three quarters of unionized teachers are represented by the National Education Association.  Every member pays dues, including $166 per year that goes to the national union, according to a secret union document posted on PublicSchoolSpending.com.  The White House says up to 285,000 teaching jobs – that is, dues payers – could be saved.  Given these facts, the NEA would be looking at about $35.4 million in “saved” dues.  Similarly, the American Federation of Teachers, which has annual dues of $184.20, according to financial statements found at AFTexposed.com, would have about 71,250 jobs saved.  The dues ramifications?  A little over $13 million.

President Obama’s newest stimulus package is another giveaway to big labor and should be stopped in its tracks.