October 2013 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter Available Online


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Right to Work States: Superior Job Growth — Employees’ Purchasing Power Lower in Compulsory-Unionism States

Big Labor’s ‘Entitlement Mentality’ Persists –– Union Bosses Claim Indiana Employees’ Money Is Theirs by Right

Big Labor Thugs ‘Must Be Held Accountable’ — Right to Work Pushes For Judiciary Committee Hearing on H.R.2021

Government Union Bosses ‘Actually Own’ Scranton?! — Struggling Pennsylvania City Undergoes a Made-in-Harrisburg Crisis

Terry McAuliffe Snubs Pro-Right to Work Virginians — Will Big Labor-Funded Gubernatorial Candidate Finally Come Clean?

Measure Targets Big Labor ‘Wage Ceilings’  — Union Monopoly Bargaining Hurts America’s Most Productive Workers