Pack Your Bags, We’re Moving to a Right to Work State

Governors in Non-Right to Work states receive regrets as Governors in states with Right to Work roll out welcome wagons to businesses and jobs as they choose states that fly the Right to Work Freedom Banner.  From Real Clear Policy:

jobs-running-to-rtw-statesThe Rio Grande Foundation is conducting an ongoing analysis of job-creation announcements listed by the magazine Area Development. We are finding a consistent trend of non-RTW-state-based companies moving operations, and breaking ground on new facilities, in RTW states. Some recent examples:

• T&B Tube is moving a facility from Illinois to Indiana.
• Mercedes-Benz USA is relocating its headquarters from New Jersey to Georgia.
• Minnesota-based Polaris is building a new factory in Alabama.
• Adecco Group North America is moving its headquarters from New York to Florida.
• Brad Penn Lubricants is moving production from Pennsylvania to Indiana.
• Superior Industries International is moving its global headquarters from California to Michigan.
• American Stair Corporation is moving its operations from Illinois to Indiana.
• California-based Kaiser Permanente is building an IT campus in Georgia.
• Bechtel Corporation is moving a facility from Maryland to Virginia.

So far, we have discovered just one shift from a RTW state to a non-RTW state: a relocation of three workers from Wisconsin to Minnesota. We will publish a paper with six months of data this summer, but four months into the research, it’s clear that RTW states are substantially besting their non-RTW competitors.