Right to Work Becoming a State Law Near You?

With states in a fiscal mess and businesses leaving to go to Right to Work states or leaving the country, many governors are reassessing the value of allowing workers a choice when it comes to union dues and fees.  CNN/TIME:

“We just won an election,” labor boss Andy Stern crowed two years ago, at about the time Barack Obama was taking the oath of office and the union movement was giving itself the lion’s share of the credit for getting him there…  look how the mighty have fallen.   On taxes and card check, zip. And across the country, new leaders are being sworn in to office with decidedly antiunion plans.

Formerly friendly Wisconsin has a new governor, Republican Scott Walker, who is promising to use “every legal means” to weaken the bargaining power of state workers — including decertification of the public employees’ union. Ohio’s new governor, Republican John Kasich, wants to end the rule that requires nonunion contractors to pay union wages, and he’s targeting the right of public employees to strike. Indiana legislators talk of making their state — once a bastion of unionized manufacturing — a Midwestern right-to-work redoubt.

Even in places where Democrats cling to power, unions are under the gun.

The gleam in labor’s eye two years ago turned out to be the light from an onrushing train.