Right to Work Florida Attracts Businesses From all Around

Businesses are attracted to Florida’s Right to Work economy. In fact, two businesses are adding headquarters here. AeroClean Technologies will be adding a new headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, while OPSWAT is relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to Tampa. Meanwhile, Diamond Drinks will be adding a new location in Indian River County, and Boeing is expanding in Jacksonville. Altogether, these four companies will create up to 650 new jobs across the state. So this just goes to show the success of Right to Work states.

Diamond Drinks:

“[We’re] excited to welcome Diamond Drinks to our community, and help them flourish here. […] The company fits in perfectly with our existing manufacturing base, most of whom are smaller employers, it’s a great niche for us.”


AeroClean Technologies:

“Time is of the essence due to current strong demand for our products, which will begin to ship as early as March of 2021. The Company has already spent approximately $10 million on product development, intellectual property and regulatory approvals[…]”

“Part of our economic development strategy is to grow and attract more corporate headquarters to our county. We are thrilled to add AeroClean to the list of 70+ headquarters that call Palm Beach County their home.”



“We’re excited to kick off the New Year with such a big win. […]OPSWAT joins a growing list of cybersecurity companies that are thriving in Tampa due to our low costs, highly-skilled talent, and supportive technology ecosystem.” […]

“We are [glad] OPSWAT [is relocating] its headquarters [here] with the addition of new high-quality jobs for our residents. […] We look forward to a strong partnership with OPSWAT and [support] the company’s growth in Hillsborough County.”



“Florida is attracting the biggest names in aerospace[. T]his announcement with Boeing marks another milestone for the industry’s expansion in our state. […] We congratulate Boeing and the City of Jacksonville for this important achievement[. This] will help sustain economic recovery in Northeast Florida at a critical time.”


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