Right to Work Indiana Has Great Things in Store for its Economy

Indiana is a Right to Work state, which means that workers can’t be forced into a union. As a result, this incentivizes companies to invest here. And that means more job opportunities! Companies investing in Right to Work Indiana include Exurban and Do Good Foods as well as AboutBit and Catalent Pharma Solutions. Altogether, these companies will create 2,615 new jobs for the state. So this is exciting news!

Read on in order to learn more about each investment.


Exurban is investing $340 million in order to establish operations in Right to Work Fort Wayne, Indiana. This will also create 200 new jobs!

“Our investment in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a major milestone for Exurban and makes an important contribution to meeting the environmental challenge of e-waste. […] This is just the start of a journey. Working with key supply partnerships from leading recycling companies, we share the vision to expand around the world in this fast-growing market.” […]

“Like-minded, forward-thinking partners like Exurban are exactly the kind of companies we want to attract to Indiana. […] It became clear after meeting with Exurban that their mission of repurposing waste is directly in line with the state’s 5E focus, in particular Indiana’s commitment around the Energy Transition.”


Do Good Foods:

Do Good Foods is investing $100 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Fort Wayne, Indiana. This will also create 100 new jobs.

“We’re excited about the expansion of DGF into the Fort Wayne market. […] This project is a great opportunity for DGF to work with the local community on bringing more sustainable solutions to Fort Wayne and the retailers and food service providers located there.” […]

“Do Good Foods takes Indiana’s advancements in sustainable food production to the next level and propels the state’s progress in clean energy. […] Taking food waste, the number one material in America’s landfills, and upcycling it to feed our livestock is the type of ingenuity we encourage and cultivate in Indiana.” […]

“Governor Holcomb and I are ecstatic to welcome Do Good Foods to Indiana. […] Their business model helps expand the circular economy here in the Hoosier state.”



Aboutbit is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Merom, Indiana. This will create 15 new jobs as a result!

“It’s hard to spin up and spin down power plants. […] If demand in the region hits a peak, we’ll actually be able to reduce our power requirements from WIN Energy and scale back our use at the mining facility, ultimately benefiting other customers in Southwest Indiana.”

“This project continues our commitment to facilitate economic development opportunities near Merom. […] I’m proud of our team’s diligence in seeing the agreement through, benefiting both WIN Energy and all of our members.”


Catalent Pharma Solutions:

Catalent Pharma Solutions is investing $350 million toward an expansion in Right to Work Bloomington, Indiana, creating 2,300 new jobs!

“Indiana’s vibrant and unique life sciences industry continues to make a tremendous impact on the Hoosier state through its economic strength, contributing more than $79 billion in 2021. […] Indiana is making strategic investments in those businesses, like Catalent, to advance smart technologies and processes, and that investment has allowed Indiana to become the second largest exporter of life sciences products in the U.S. and is recognized as a world leader in the industry.”


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