Right to Work Kansas 51, compulsory union Missouri 10

Former Missouri state treasurer and candidate for U.S. Senate Sarah Steelman says Right to Work “always works better than coercion” (Joplin Globe):

The statistics are clear: Kansas is winning the battle of economic opportunity. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates Kansas is not only increasing its employment numbers, but it is adding higher-paying jobs at a faster rate as well.

From the years 1990 to 2007, Kansas’ total employment grew 46.9 percent and private employment grew 51.9 percent.

Over the same period, Missouri’s total employment grew only 12.6 percent while private employment increased 10.8 percent.  Right-to-work legislation has helped Kansas attract jobs and grow wages, while our state has stagnated. It is clear that Missouri has to change the way our state does business. We should start by adopting right-to-work.

Let’s put workers back in charge of their unions. Freedom always works better than coercion. A free labor market is more efficient, more dynamic and more fair. Our economy will be more productive, and increased productivity creates more opportunity, more jobs and more wealth for everyone. Missourians need jobs now — our employers and workers can no longer afford to wait.