Right to Work Oklahoma Attracts New Businesses

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Three businesses are investing soon in Right to Work Oklahoma. These are Canoo, North Star Scientific, and TAT Technologies. Canoo will be adding a new location in Tulsa, and TAT Technologies is relocating to Tulsa too. Meanwhile, North Star Scientific will be expanding in Oklahoma City. Altogether, these investments will create thousands of new jobs.

Read on to find out more about each company’s investment!


Canoo is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Tulsa, Oklahoma. This will also create 2,000 new jobs. So this is great news!

“We ran a multi-state competition and invested millions of dollars to find the right manufacturing facility. […] Oklahoma was head and shoulders above the other contenders because of its leadership, energy forward initiatives, strategic location and the hard working ethic of its people. We would like to congratulate Governor Stitt and his team who competed to have Canoo in their state. We pledge our commitment to bring more clean energy to the great State. […] We’re proud to be American made and to bring more than 2,000 jobs to Oklahoma.” […]

“We have made electric vehicle manufacturing a top priority in our recruitment efforts as we work to further diversify Oklahoma’s economy. […] We are excited to welcome Canoo and show the rest of the automotive industry that Oklahoma is open for business.”


North Star Scientific:

North Star Scientific (NSS) is expanding soon in Right to Work Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This will also create 50 new jobs for the area!

“We […] look forward to executing the company’s future growth in Oklahoma. […] NSS has chosen the state of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City as the site of our expansion because of the favorable business environment and the availability of personnel and other resources that benefit aerospace companies, especially those focused on radar and electronics.” […]

“It’s great news that NSS is looking to grow in Oklahoma after such a short period of time. […] This announcement is a testament to the strength and potential of Oklahoma’s aerospace industry and the confidence the company has in their ability to recruit the necessary talent.” […]

“We are extremely excited about North Star Scientific’s quick expansion in Oklahoma City. […] Our market is a perfect fit for North Star Scientific’s business model and we expect nothing but more growth for them in our community.”


TAT Technologies:

Israel’s TAT Technologies is relocating to Right to Work Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a result of the benefits that the area offers the aerospace company.

“Limco has been a staple of Tulsa’s aerospace and aviation maintenance hub for decades; today we’re excited to announce their expansion while also welcoming TAT to Tulsa. […] TAT realized what aerospace and defense companies around the world are noticing; Oklahoma provides them unbeatable business economics, unmatched access to appropriately skilled talent and an extremely supportive environment[…]. We look forward to supporting their transition and helping them prosper in Tulsa.” […]

“TAT Technologies’ decision to relocate to Tulsa and Limco’s subsequent expansion are major wins for the Tulsa region[…]. Limco’s long-standing investment in Tulsa has been integral to the growth and success of our aerospace industry. We are excited with their decision to bring new investment, high-quality jobs and innovation to northeast Oklahoma.”


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