Right to Work Texas Experiences Economic Growth

The economic climate of Right to Work Texas is one that encourages the expansion of businesses currently residing here, while also inviting new businesses to join. In Irving, Texas, Neighborly is adding its second Texas location. Whereas with Japan-based CKD Corporation, they are looking at Austin, Texas for their new US base. No doubt, this all comes as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws.

This is all exciting news for the state because it’ll mean 270 new jobs across the state. Read on to see what people are saying about these two businesses.

CKD Corporation:

“I am proud to welcome CKD Corporation to the Lone Star State and look forward to the economic prosperity this investment will bring to the Austin community. This trailblazing company, combined with Texas’ business-friendly environment and high-skilled workforce, will undoubtedly make for a long and successful partnership.”



“For this highly-reputable company to select our community as a headquarters site […] means quality job opportunities for our residents. […] The Partnership is proud to welcome Neighborly and we look forward to engaging and integrating their workforce into the community.”


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