Secretary Solis and Other Top-Level Obama Appointees Gave Themselves Waivers from Obama’s Executive Order on Ethics

The National Right to Work Committee (NRTWC) released its first Obama Personnel Alert of 2010 exposing the ongoing failure of President Obama’s ethics pledge and executive order as it relates to ethics and transparency in his administration.  According to NRTWC research, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and several other top-level political appointees at Department of Labor (DOL) made up their own rules ignoring the President’s ethics executive order.

Assistant Secretary Phyllis Borzi, Assistant Secretary Michael Kerr, and Assistant Secretary Jane Oates are other known DOL appointees who gave themselves ethics waivers.  Without public disclosure of the ethics pledges, it is impossible to determine if this self-administering of ethics waivers is Department-wide or even Obama Administration-wide.

Big Labor DOL insiders gave themselves personal exemptions from President Obama’s January 21, 2009 ethics Executive Order 13490 two-year ban from activity on behalf of former

Obama has filled DOL with Big Labor operatives and former union officials, and these insiders have wasted little time rolling back financial disclosure for union bosses, handing out multimillion dollar grants and contracts to Big Labor, and turning DOL enforcement into an arm of Big Labor’s forced-unionism organizing machine.

Top DOL officials have at least made a mockery of and worst completely violated the President’s executive order by cutting in half Obama’s ordered two-year moratorium.  It appears that the President has already lost control of the union operatives inside his own Administration.  But what can Obama do when he owes so much to Big Labor Bosses and the forced union dues they anted up for his election?

Congress and the Justice Department ought to investigate the Office of Government Ethics failure to enforce the Ethics Executive Order 13490 documented violations.

With all that is disclosed in the NRTWC report, there should be increasing pressure for Congress to investigate the Obama Administration’s repeal of several financial disclosures that include the proposed repealing of conflict-of-interest disclosures for Big Labor officials.

It looks like the Labor Department is the tail wagging the Administration dog.