SEIU’s Forced Dues Funded Global Occupy Wall Street Mission

SEIU, in multiple US cities, is using American forced dues to finance protests in multiple cities including New York and Portland.  This is all for the support of a Netherlands’ FNV union because “Many are immigrants … and all are protesting the same types of economic inequality the 99% face here in the U.S.”  Sound like SEIU is trying to make Occupy Wall Street a global initiative, and this union is not even an SEIU union that is receiving the benefits of  American employees’ forced dues.

The SEIU statement embraces the Amsterdam chant:  “SEIU is standing with them … echoing their chants of ‘Schoon Genoeg!’ (Cleaned enough!)”

Enough is enough, SEIU and other unions should not be allowed to force people as a condition of employment to be forced to give to their global political and organizing projects.  The National Right to Work Act would go a long way to solving compulsory political contributions.