Speaker Bosma; it's "right" to continue forcing Hoosiers to pay dues and fees against their will to Big Labor Bosses

In  a NWITimes article titled,  Ad rips Daniels, Bosma for giving up on right-to-work legislation,Indiana Speaker of the House lets Hoosiers know that he thinks it is “right” to continue to allow union bosses to threaten and force Hoosiers who have  jobs to pay union fees or be fired.  It’s time for Bosma to stand up for all working men and women, not just union bosses, or get out of the way and let Indiana become the 23rd Right to Work state.  It will be a boon for the economy and freedom is morally right as the late Note Dame Economist Fr. Edward Keller argued.

Form th eNWITimes.com:

Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels and House Speaker Brian Bosma, … found themselves the targets of advertisements intended to shape public opinion, including a newspaper ad blasting Daniels and Bosma for sabotaging the effort to make Indiana a right-to-work state.

That ad, part of a $100,000 newspaper, mail and telephone campaign sponsored by the Virginia-based National Right to Work Committee, says if right-to-work doesn’t pass, Daniels and Bosma “will be every bit as much to blame as the Democrats for your refusal to stand up and fight.”

The Democrats left Indiana on Feb. 22 after a House committee approved House Bill 1468, which makes it a misdemeanor crime to require a worker at a union shop to pay dues or fees for union representation.

The walkout prevented the committee report from being accepted by the House, and Bosma since has said right-to-work is off the table for this session. Daniels said the issue shouldn’t have been on this year’s agenda at all.

Speaking with reporters, Bosma said the ad campaign won’t affect his decision to not move forward with right-to-work legislation.

“Political parties and special interest groups have every right to get involved in the discussion and try to push it in their direction,” Bosma said. “Our goal is to do what’s right, that’s where we’ve been from the start, and somebody running an ad in one direction or the other isn’t going to change that.”

From the start, there was a Right to Work Bill.  (see beginning of story.) That’s why the Democrats originally claimed they left.

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