Special Newsletter Supplement — Victory in Indiana: A ‘Turning Point’?

March National Right to Work Committee newsletter Special Supplement online

Here’s a quote:

Abby Rapoport, a staff writer for the pro-forced unionism American Prospect, fears the Right to Work victory in Indiana represents “a turning point in American labor history,” and “not simply a loss in power” for the state’s union officials.

An article by Ms. Rapoport published online the day Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the Right to Work Bill into law even bore the title, “Where Indiana Goes, So Goes the Nation.”

Headlines from the Special Supplement:

Freedom-Loving Hoosiers’ Persistence Pays Off — Years of Lobbying Efforts Make Indiana 23rd Right to Work State

Right to Work: Rx For Job-Losing Indiana — History Indicates Right to Work Law Will Help Economy Rebound

More State Battles Ahead For Right to Work — Grass-Roots Citizens’ Groups Bolstered by Recent Indiana Victory

Union Monopolists Already Vowing to Get Revenge — But Right to Work Supporters Are Ready to Parry Counterattacks




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