Technology Companies Flock to Right to Work Florida, Creating New Jobs

Florida’s economic environment seems to be attracting many forward-thinking technology companies. These include companies such as V2Techs and Lilium, both of which specialize in electric transportation. Meanwhile, other companies such as OrganaBio and Green Point Research are invested in health-related research.

These new businesses in Florida will help bolster the economy by creating new jobs. Read on to see what people are saying about each company!


“Palm Beach County’s business environment has recently attracted several international companies such as Misfits Gaming, The Northwest Company and Nano Dimension. The international relocation of V2Techs to West Palm Beach will produce cleaner, smarter, and more affordable ways for companies, vehicles and cities to operate as we look into the future.”



“We are excited about OrganaBio’s cGMP 19,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is set to create a large amount of lab space in the County that, in turn, will continue to grow Miami’s life sciences ecosystem.”


Green Point Research:

“We are excited to partner with Hamilton County to bring new job opportunities and supply chain benefits to the area.” […]

“We are excited about the opportunities Green Point Research brings to Hamilton County in the agriculture bioscience sector. Through our working relationship with the company, we have found Green Point to be a high-quality organization with demonstrated results and a strong connection to the communities it serves.



“We are delighted to partner with Lilium to create the first US network of vertiports and to launch within Lake Nona’s living lab[…] This partnership and network launch highlight our community’s passion and commitment to groundbreaking partnerships and new technologies that sets us apart as a city of the future. Lilium’s core mission of transport […] is incredibly impressive.”


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