The So-Called ObamaCare Reconciliation Bill is Now Online

Here’s the Link to the so-called ObamaCare reconciliation bill.

Now, the fight is on.

In just days, the U.S. House could be voting on the Big Labor paybacks in the Nationalized Health Care scheme, or the ObamaCare Bill passed by the Senate ( H.R.3590) on December 24th.

President Obama and his union boss allies in Congress continue to scheme, buy and threaten their way toward their goal of nationalized healthcare.

Some are wrongly claiming the special payouts for Big Labor and the rest of the union-label Democrats’ pals “are all gone.”

Do NOT be fooled.

The fact is, President Obama’s new Healthcare Nationalization Scheme is EVERY BIT as damaging.

That’s why it’s vital you contact your U.S. Representative TODAY. 

Click here to contact your U.S. Representative and let them know how you feel about them using Healthcare as a political payback to Big Labor Union Bosses like SEIU’s Andy Stern  and AFSCME’s  Gerald McEntee.