Union Bosses Giving Away the Store

Tim Miller, writing for the New York Post, notes that:

There has been nothing coy about the Democratic presidential candidates’ courtship of Big Labor. After all, union endorsements come with armies of door-knocking, phone-calling, sign-waving foot soldiers; union leaders will spend about half a billion dollars on political campaigns this election cycle.

Of course, the union chiefs are making sure their political suitors come bearing gifts, and what they’re after – support for the de
ceptively named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) – is a much bigger present than flowers or chocolate.

EFCA, of course, would:

. . . strip employees of the right to a secret ballot vote, and make it much easier for union organizers to push employees into union membership – which in turn means more dollars for labor leaders.

Like a love note written in the heat of passion, Democrats have taken to describing their passion for Big Labor in stark terms.

“I will be the best union president in the history of this country,” John Edwards said.

Barack Obama gushed, “I’m ready to go on offense for organized labor; imagine a president who knows what it’s like to put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk with you on that picket line.”

And Hillary Clinton, not to be outdone, donned un-presidential-like boxing gloves at an AFSCME press conference and said she would “go 10 rounds with anybody,” on behalf of the union bosses.

Of course, those ten rounds include union members whose rights will be trampled and pounded by enactment of the Card Check Scam bill.

As Miller concludes:

If union officials and politicians are allowed to consummate this relationship in 2008, the result will be a problem child that will choke the American economy for many years to come.