Virginia Fairfax Employees Put up a Fight Against Union “Contract Bar”

Employees of the Fairfax Connector in Virginia are fed up with union bosses and their games. So now, they are reaching out to National Right to Work to try to decertify the union boss corruption. However, the bosses are covered by a “contract bar”. This allows them to control their employees for at least three years – and longer if the boss doesn’t sign the contract immediately.

In an article posted in Bacon’s Rebellion, Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Foundation, shares his opinion:

The facts of this case demonstrate exactly why the contract bar should be eliminated. After workers voted to reject an earlier proposed union contract, union bosses surreptitiously entered into a contract behind workers’ backs in an attempt to ‘game the system’ and use the ‘contract bar’ to block workers from voting them out. The ‘contract bar’ is an affront to the federal labor law’s supposed protection of employee free choice. It merely serves to entrench self-serving union bosses even when there is clear evidence that the very workers that they claim to represent want them gone.

President Mark Mix, Bacon’s Rebellion

You can read the entire article here.

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