What Companies are Coming to Right to Work Georgia?

Four companies are investing soon in new locations in Georgia! These include Cottrell, Freshly, KB Autosys, and Correct Craft. This will be Cottrell’s second Georgia location, and it’ll be in Gainesville. Meanwhile, this will be KB Autosys’ first-ever US manufacturing facility, and it will be located in Lone Oak. Freshly will be located in Austell while Correct Craft will be in Valdosta.

Altogether, these companies will create many jobs!


“With a nearly 50-year history in Hall County, Cottrell has been a valued member of Georgia’s advanced manufacturing community for decades. […] “It’s great to see Cottrell double down on their investment in Gainesville and put highly skilled, hardworking Georgians back to work.”


Freshly Inc:

“2020 was a year of monumental growth for Freshly. We joined the Nestlé USA family, expanded West Coast operations, and launched Freshly Fit, to name a few major milestones. […] We are thrilled to continue in 2021 by expanding operations in the Southeast and have plans to add even more facilities this year that will help further our mission of delivering nutritious and convenient meals.” […]


KB Autosys:

“This announcement is further proof of the success automotive companies find here in Georgia, especially as product demand has grown. KB Autosys’ decision to open their first U.S. manufacturing facility in the Peach State is a testament to the strength of the relationship our state has developed with our Korean partners.


Correct Craft:

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Correct Craft and Supreme Boats to the family of outstanding manufacturers that call Georgia home. Boating and water sports play a vital role in our tourism industry in Georgia and […] help create opportunity in our communities.”


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