What Companies are Expanding in Right to Work Virginia?

Four companies are investing in Right to Work Virginia. SES Satellites is adding a new location in Prince William County with a $17 million investment that will also create 200 new jobs. Meanwhile, Ryzing Technologies, Lawrence Brothers, and Katoen Natie Norfolk are all expanding in current Virginia locations. Ryzing Technologies is investing $149,000 in Staunton which will create 31 new jobs. Lawrence Brothers is investing $3.2 million in Tazewell County and will also create 40 new jobs. And lastly, Katoen Natie is creating 35 new jobs with a $61 million investment in Norfolk.

Altogether, these four businesses will create 306 new jobs across the state. So this will be a great addition to the economy! Read on to find out more about each investment!

Ryzing Technologies:

“Supporting the growth of Virginia’s small businesses is a top priority. We are [glad] that the expansion of Ryzing Technologies will result in 31 new high-skilled positions. […] We commend the City of Staunton for fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship where companies like Ryzing Technologies can develop pioneering solutions for a wide range of industries, including the military.”


Lawrence Brothers:

“Lawrence Brothers is an important employer and corporate partner in Tazewell County. This new investment shows that Southwest Virginia’s business climate and workforce can support business growth over many decades. […] We are gratified Lawrence Brothers is investing in new machinery and equipment that will secure its continued success.”


Katoen Natie:

“Katoen Natie Norfolk’s growth is demonstrating how our advanced transportation framework can facilitate the long-term success of logistics service providers. […] Securing a competitive expansion like this says a great deal about the Hampton Roads region’s top-notch workforce, competitive operating costs, and strategic access. We thank Katoen Natie Norfolk for creating more high-quality jobs.”


SES Satellite:

“We are [glad] that we have landed on the ideal location of Prince William County. This new hub provides SES with the space to continue providing seamless services and aligns with our goal[s]. With more people demanding more connectivity and data services, we will also be looking at engaging top talent across Virginia to grow our technology and global services teams in the coming months and would welcome candidates’ applications from the area.”


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