What do Kroger and Core Scientific Have in Common?

Kroger and Core Scientific are both investing in Right to Work Oklahoma. Kroger will soon be adding a new facility in Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, Core Scientific is adding a new location in Muskogee. Read on in order to learn more about each investment!


Kroger is adding a new facility in Right to Work Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This will also create 191 new jobs for the area!

“We’re excited to extend the Kroger fulfillment network to Oklahoma City, a new geography for our operation and an integral part of our strategy to achieve the doubling of our digital sales and profitability rate by the end of 2023. […] This grocery delivery service is an innovative addition to the expanding digital shopping experience available to our customers. The spoke facility will provide unmatched, impeccable customer service and improve direct access to fresh food in areas eager for the variety and value offered by Kroger.” […]

“Kroger’s new e-commerce model is innovative, creates new fresh grocery opportunities for the Greater Oklahoma City region and paves the way for improving health and quality of life for Oklahomans.”


Core Scientific:

Core Scientific is adding a new location soon in Right to Work Muskogee, Oklahoma. This will also create dozens of new jobs for the area.

“We applaud the Muskogee Metropolis-County Port Authority for recruiting Core Scientific to the realm. […] Muskogee’s business-friendly surroundings and placement close to key transportation infrastructure mixed with OG&E’s dependable and reasonably priced electrical service make for an excellent partnership. We look ahead to supporting Core Scientific’s development within the area.” […]

“The strategic investment program grants an applicant up to 36 months to provide supporting documentation for the amount of their investment and quality jobs created. […] Muskogee is blessed to have this program available for existing manufacturers as well as new business attractions.”


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