What’s the Latest on Right to Work Virginia’s Economy?

Companies are always investing in Right to Work Virginia as a result of the state’s incredible Right to Work benefits. And these companies are proof of that. Some of the most recent investments come from EarthLink and CAVA, as well as Aery Aviation and Kegerreis Digital Marketing.

Altogether, these investments will create 610 new jobs for the state. So this is great news! It also shows how Right to Work states are ideal for job growth as well.

Keep reading to learn more about each company’s investment.

EarthLink is investing $5.4 million in order to add a new location in Right to Work Norton, Virginia. This will also create 285 new jobs!

“Having grown up in this area, it gives me great pride to further EarthLink’s efforts to provide award-winning customer experiences through our new sales and service center in Norton. […] We look forward to a long partnership with this community and the employees who will become part of EarthLink.” […]

“This announcement is the culmination of a lot of hard work and effort by local and state leaders, the EarthLink team, and many others. […] We are all excited to have a company with an iconic name like EarthLink, who has been consistently honored with the coveted Great Place to Work Certification™, locate to Southwest Virginia.”



CAVA is investing $30 million in order to establish a facility in Right to Work Augusta County, Virginia. This will also create 52 new jobs!

“The Shenandoah Valley has built a reputation as a top location for food and beverage manufacturers, and CAVA is a strong addition to a region home to many industry leaders. […] Augusta County offers natural resources and a highly skilled workforce that will benefit the company. We are excited to partner with CAVA on this major investment.” […]

“CAVA’s focus on extolling the virtues of food and family, and the company’s entrepreneurial spirit perfectly resonates with the quality of life and philosophy of people in the Shenandoah Valley. […] It has been a pleasure assisting Augusta County and the CAVA team in choosing a location that embraces the spirit of wholesome food and the value of working hard, playing hard, and giving back to the community. We welcome CAVA to the Shenandoah Valley’s robust food and agricultural community, and embrace its commitment to championing local community healthy eating initiatives.”


Aery Aviation:

Aery Aviation is investing $15.3 million in order to expand headquarters in Right to Work Newport News, Virginia. This will create 211 new jobs.

“Virginia businesses like Aery Aviation are at the forefront of advances in aerospace, aviation, and unmanned systems. […] This expansion will position the company to further enhance its capabilities and technology.” […]

“The Hampton Roads Alliance congratulates Aery Aviation on its expansion and commends the City of Newport News and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership for its work in securing this project. […] Aviation technology is a logical target industry for the Alliance, given the military presence in the region. The innovative technical services and solutions Aery Aviation provide the aerospace industry represent some of the key strengths of the Hampton Roads business ecosystem. The company’s success over the past five years is quite impressive. We are thrilled that Aery Aviation will continue its growth in Newport News.”


Kegerreis Digital Marketing:

Kegerreis Digital Marketing is investing $1.7 million in order to relocate to Right to Work Danville, Virginia. This will also create 62 new jobs!

“Kegerreis Digital Marketing is very pleased to locate our headquarters in the City of Danville. […] We are excited to be a part of the future of this region.” […]

“The City of Danville offers Kegerreis Digital Marketing a central location with a strong talent pipeline and a high quality of life that a leading integrated marketing company requires. We are excited to welcome the company’s new headquarters operation to the Commonwealth. […] This project will create more than 60 new jobs for the hardworking citizens of Southern Virginia, and contribute to the city’s ongoing revitalization.” […]

“The digital technology and marketing analytics that drive Kegerreis Digital Marketing’s success will attract creative and talented employees that will continue to strengthen and diversify the talent pool of researchers, young professionals, and entrepreneurs in the Danville River District.” 


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