WI Big Labor Gubernatorial Candidate Sidestepping Walker’s Act 10 Reforms

Ms. Mary Burke Big Labor's Candidate to replace Gov. Scott Walker (WI)An important part of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 reforms to many of our members was providing teachers and other government employees the Right to Work.  The freedom from forced-union dues that Right to Work provides is like a wooden stake in the heart of Big Labor which is primarily fueled by forcing employees to pay tribute to union bosses in order to get or keep a job.

Some people are now asking: Why is Big Labor’s Gubernatorial Candidate Ms. Mary Burke not running on repealing employees’ freedoms like the Right to Work provisions of Act 10?  Could it be that state employees like having freedom, rather than the yoke of  compulsory unionism?  With over 100,000 employees choosing to leave WI unions, it certainly looks like at least 100,000 employees think Big Labor is not doing a good job ‘representing’ their interests.

A New Reality for Big Labor in Wisconsin?

Perhaps these substantial numbers of union membership cancellations are creating a new reality for Big Labor and for the politicians they back like Ms. Burke.

From the Wall Street Journal:

But Ms. Burke largely steers clear of the 2011 law championed by Mr. Walker that drew tens of thousands of protesters to the Capitol in Madison while coming to define the governor’s tenure.

As Democrats see it, there is no realistic path to victory over Mr. Walker in November by building a campaign around restoring Wisconsin’s public-employee unions to their former status. That fight has been fought—and lost, many Democrats said. Mr. Walker won a recall election in 2012 that was largely a referendum on his tussles with the unions.