Autoworkers Union Boss Vows ‘War’ For Joe Biden 

UAW czar Shawn Fain with president Joe Biden and the caption, "Mr. President, it's time for us to go to war"
Thousands of unionized autoworkers have recently been laid off. Thousands more are now facing potential layoffs. But UAW czar Shawn Fain (left) is focused on winning the union hierarchy’s “war” to get Joe Biden reelected. (Credit: Joe Biden / Instagram)

Accidentally Admits Rank-and-File Don’t Want President Reelected

If he were genuinely concerned about advancing the workplace interests of unionized auto-industry production employees, Shawn Fain would be doing everything he could this year to prevent thousands and thousands of layoffs at U.S.-based facilities of Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors (GM).

As this Newsletter edition went to press in late February, roughly 9,700 autoworkers who are supposedly “represented” by the United Autoworkers (UAW) union, which Mr. Fain heads, and are employed at factories producing Ford F-150 vehicles, were being subjected to rolling layoffs.

Even more UAW-ruled workers are likely to be on rolling layoffs this month when Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan will reportedly move from two shifts to one shift only.

Meanwhile, 1,225 unionized Stellantis workers in Toledo, Ohio, and another 2,455 at a Stellantis-owned Mack plant in Detroit, have already been told their layoffs may be imminent.

And in February, roughly 250 unionized production workers employed at GM Propulsion Systems in Toledo were “temporarily” laid off. That’s on top of permanent layoffs of 1,300 unionized GM employees in Michigan announced in December.

For UAW Czar, Biden Support For Expanded Forced Unionism Trumps UAW Members’ Jobs

But even with the prospects for job security for the tens of thousands of forced dues-paying auto assembly workers in the UAW empire looking bleaker and bleaker, Mr. Fain and the rest of the UAW hierarchy have other fish to fry.

More than anything else in 2024, they are focused on ensuring the reelection of Big Labor Democrat President Joe Biden, a candidate who was opposed by a majority of less-than-college educated, “blue-collar” voters in 2020 and will almost certainly again be opposed by most blue-collar voters this fall.

On January 24, Mr. Fain announced in an angry speech delivered inside the D.C. Beltway, where no autoworkers are employed, that hundreds of union professionals, whose salaries are taken out of the paychecks of UAW rank-and-filers, would be “going to work right now” and “push like h***” for Biden in 2024.

A Biden campaign video released a few days later showcased a backstage exchange between the UAW bigwig and the union-label President, in which the former declared:

“[I]t’s time for us to go to war,” and later added that he was “looking forward” to spending workers’ hard-earned money to keep Mr. Biden in power.

National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix commented: “The fact is, many, if not most, UAW-‘represented’ autoworkers are deeply troubled by the Biden Administration’s determination to use the power of the federal government to force a rapid transition from gas-powered vehicles to EVs.

“In fact, many rank-and-file unionized autoworkers believe the Biden-backed push for EVs is a major factor behind the layoffs Ford, Stellantis and GM have recently ordered and the many additional layoffs they may soon order.

“But for Shawn Fain and his fellow UAW bosses, the Biden Administration’s support for expanded forced unionism clearly trumps UAW members’ jobs.”

‘A Great Majority of Our Members Will Not Vote For President Biden’

Mr. Fain undoubtedly knows full well that there is a complete disconnect between the UAW hierarchy and the UAW rank-and-file on the Biden presidency and whether workers will benefit from its extension for another four years. 

His awareness of what ordinary auto production employees actually think may well be the reason for the apparent “Kinsley gaffe” Mr. Fain made as a guest on Fox News host Neil Cavuto’s program on January 28.

The term comes from veteran Beltway pundit Michael Kinsley, who once quipped:

“A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth — some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say.”

Temporarily deviating from his prepared script, Mr. Fain told Mr. Cavuto:

“Let me be clear about this: A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden.

“Yes, some will, but that’s the reality of this. The majority of our members are gonna vote for their paychecks, they’re gonna vote for an economy that works for them.”

Biden NLRB May Soon Hand UAW New ‘Members’ to Make Up For Those Losing Their Jobs

One reason Shawn Fain is apparently not too concerned about UAW-controlled autoworkers in states like Michigan, Ohio and Missouri losing their jobs is that he anticipates radical Biden bureaucrats may soon hand him thousands of new “members” to make up for those who are permanently laid off.

For example, roughly 4,100 employees at VW’s union-free facility in Right to Work Tennessee may soon be served to Mr. Fain on a platter by the rabidly proforced-unionism majority put in place by Mr. Biden, with like-minded senators’ assistance, on the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB).

By using pressure tactics, and very likely also deceit, to extract so-called “union authorization” cards signed by workers while union organizers are observing them, Mr. Fain’s henchmen are now preparing the way for the Biden NLRB to issue a “recognition” order to VW under its radical 2023 Cemex decision.

Union Bosses and Rank-And-File Workers Don’t Have the Same Values

Hillary Clinton with government union boss Lee Saunders. A profile image of National Right to Work Mark Mix .
Mark Mix: In 2016, “Organized Labor lavishly spent workers’ money to install Hillary Clinton” (pictured here with government union boss Lee Saunders) “in the White House, even as blue-collar voters opposed her, 51% to 44%.” (Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images; Inset: NRTWC)

That means UAW kingpins could soon become VW employees’ monopoly bargaining agents on matters concerning their pay, benefits, and work rules, with no opportunity for the employees to vote the union up or down in a secret-ballot election.

“Cemex is a clear example of why union bosses like Shawn Fain have a huge stake in the continuation of the Biden presidency, but rank-and-file unionized workers, who are understandably more concerned about their own job security than securing new revenue sources for Big Labor, don’t,” said Mr. Mix.

“And the disconnect between union bosses and unionized workers is nothing new.

“In 2016, for example, Organized Labor lavishly spent workers’ money to install Hillary Clinton in the White House, even as blue-collar voters opposed her, 51% to 44%.”

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