$7 Million and more pouring into Wisconsin

Big Labor unions have dropped over $7 million in forced worker’s dues money into the Wisconsin recall election — so far. Much of the spending has been on behalf of Kathleen Falk, union bosses’ hand-picked puppet who is challenging Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for the Democrat nomination for the recall election.

Media Trackers reports: “Wisconsin for Falk – an independent group promoting Falk’s campaign – has served as a conduit for millions of Big Labor dollars. AFSCME dumped $1,264,233 into them and WEAC invested an astounding $3,043,800 in the project. The money has mainly been spent on television and radio ads simultaneously bashing Walker and touting Falk. Should Falk lose the primary it is likely that the group will be shuttered in favor of another conduit since groups like WEAC have already promised to rally behind the eventual Democrat nominee. We Are Wisconsin, an AFL-CIO creation, has a PAC and independent expenditure fund that served as major channels for Big Labor and progressive money flowing into Wisconsin’s 2011 recall elections. For the 2012 recalls they are back in action funded in part by over $524,000 from AFSCME’s state and national accounts and $500,000 from the SEIU.”

Keep in mind, Big Labor is spending much more in non-reportable expenses. Some experts are predicting when its all said and done — spending by the union bosses to recall Scott Walker will top $70 million.


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